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NHL Playoff simulation with real commentary to raise money. All proceeds going to Project HOPE to support frontline workers! it aint nhl18, its better lol.

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Find the best posts and communities about NHL 18 on Reddit.

Find the best posts and communities about NHL 18 on Reddit

What are your thoughts on NHL 18? : r/hockey – Reddit

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19.9.2017 — There are some definite improvements, the defensive skill stick is really good and seems to reward positioning more than previous games.

36 votes, 109 comments. We are nearing one week since NHL 18 has been released. I’m just curious what does everyone think about it so far?

NHL18 – Reddit


r/NHL18_EASHL. EA Sports NHL18 Subreddit for anything related to NHL18 EASHL. 196 members • 2 online. Join. In the Top 50% of largest communities on Reddit.

r/NHL18_EASHL: EA Sports NHL18 Subreddit for anything related to NHL18 EASHL

NHL 18 vs NHL 20? Opinions? : r/EA_NHL – Reddit

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22.6.2020 — NHL 15-18 were all incredibly bad games. Idk what hockey player they’ve watched that has absolutely no lateral agility whatsoever, but it was …

Hey guys, I’m new to this sub but couldn’t find answers when searching this up so hope you guys can help me out. I haven’t had a chel games since …

Things that piss me off about NHL 18.. Feel free to add to the list

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26.10.2017 — This game came with game-ruining bugs that still have not been resolved. Having time randomly reverse and goals be taken away cripples the rep …

14 votes, 99 comments. Changes made from it’s predecessor don’t warrant the $90 I paid for it. Really, there were only a couple dekes added and the …

Reasons for NHL 18 being a massive letdown and why I won’t …

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6.5.2018 — It was nowhere near the inconsistent mess that NHL 18 is. … Top 5 crap things that make NHL18 a bad hockey game:.

133 votes, 88 comments. Background: A little over a year ago, EA hosted feedback Friday threads, in which the dedicated players and users of this …

Is NHL 19 better then NHL 18, be honest please. Thanks

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27.11.2018 — You’re posting on the HUT subreddit so I’ll give you an answer based on that. This is the newer edition with live content and more players.

Only have 20 minutes to decide to get it 50% off or not, wanna get honest opinions. Thanks

Want to see NHL 18 on PC? Here’s your chance. – Reddit

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Even if this petition worked, they’d port NHL 19, not 18. … When EA pulled out of NHL from PC sales were dismal but they were also releasing a horrible …

1.6m members in the hockey community. Discuss the NHL, AHL, PHF, IIHF, KHL, and every other hockey league you can think of! We are the premier …

NHL 18 Be-A-Pro Player Attributes EXP – Let crowd source a …

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I will keep updating this list throughout the next couple days if people on reddit want to contribute.

I am not exactly sure what actions lead to my be-a-pro player gaining XP in many of the categories, and information for it has been difficult to …

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